Temporary entrants statistics

​​​Temporary entrants in Australia (stock data) statistics

These tables of temporary entrants in Australia, also known as stock data, provide a quarterly snapshot of all temporary entrants and New Zealand citizens present in Australia at a particular date. The data are gathered by identifying people who have entered Australia on temporary visas and have not left or been granted permanent residence.

Stock data is used by academics and researchers to look at a broad range of characteristics of temporary entrants. This stock data allows relevant business areas of the department to monitor the point-in-time impact of their programs and compare it with flows of visa holders into and out of Australia. It also gives a more accurate picture of the population impact of Australia's temporary entry programs than flow data.

As there is no information collected comparable to visa category for New Zealand Citizens they cannot be grouped in a similar way to other temporary entrants.

If you would like an alternative accessible format of these documents, email visa.reporting@homeaffairs.gov.au, quoting Report Id BR0169.

Stock of temporary entrants reports

Quarterly reports on the number and composition of temporary entrants present in Australia at a particular date:

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