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Emergency management

We coordinate efforts to respond to and recover from disasters and emergencies.

​We lead the Australian Government disaster and emergency management response. We work to build a disaster resilient Australia that prepares and responds to disasters and emergencies.


Recovery assistance

The Australian Government helps individuals and communities recover from disasters with financial support. The type of help available depends on the impacts of the natural disaster.

On 5 May 2021, the Prime Minister announced the establishment of the National Recovery and Resilience Agency​. The Agency combines expertise in natural disaster response, recovery and resilience, working with affected communities and all levels of government and industry.

Read​ more about Recovery assistance options

Response plans

We maintain a range of response plans that we can give to state and territory governments and international partners responding to an emergency.

See our Response plans


EM-LINK is a national online catalogue of Emergency Management related web services. If you are employed within the crisis management sector and would like to access EM-LINK, submit your request below.

EM-LINK Access request