About Us

Border Watch

Border Watch is our single collection point for community and industry information about suspicious or illegal immigration, customs or border-related activities.

So if you see something suspicious—or something that just doesn't feel right—flag it anonymously with Border Watch and help the Australian Border Force keep our community safe.

Even the smallest piece of information could be useful. You don't have to give your name.

If you are an industry partner or want to become one, see: Border Watch industry program.

What to report

Use the Border Watch reporting form to report suspicious or illegal immigration, citizenship, customs and trade activity.

Immigration and citizenship offences

Our current priority is information about individuals or groups who:

  • want to visit Australia to promote extremist ideologies, advocate violence or terrorist activity or to vilify a segment of the community
  • are Australian nationals or visa holders who have served as 'foreign fighters'
  • are involved in people smuggling into Australia
  • are involved in human trafficking into Australia including for the purposes of sexual servitude
  • seek to exploit the visa programme for criminal means.

We are also interested in information about individuals, businesses, employers or organisations who:

  • breach their sponsorship obligations or visa conditions
  • travel to or reside in Australia in order to work unlawfully or assist others to do so
  • are located in Australia and provide immigration advice but are not a Registered Migration Agent
  • have committed identity fraud, entered a fake marriage or relationship, provided fraudulent documents or lied to obtain a visa or other benefit from the Department.

Customs, trade and border protection offences

Our current priority is information about:

  • maritime threats to Australia’s border such as people smuggling, drug trafficking and illegal foreign fishing
  • the illegal importation or exportation of illicit drugs, precursor chemicals and tobacco
  • the illegal importation or exportation of illegal firearms and weapons
  • threats to Australia’s border posed by organised crime groups
  • Systemic and Serious Revenue or Duty Evasion.

We are also interested in information about:

  • suspicious international cargo or mail packages
  • the illegal importation or exportation of performance and image enhancing drugs (steroids), illegal pornography and child abuse images, currency or fauna
  • counterfeit or mislabelled goods and trademark infringements
  • incorrect tariff classification of imported goods
  • import or export of asbestos or Asbestos Containing Material
  • dumping or countervailing of imported goods into the Australian market.

What information we need

If your report relates to an individual, you must supply:

  • their name
  • the reason you suspect the individual is involved in suspicious activity.

Optional: If you have the details, you may also choose to supply the individual’s:

  • date of birth or age
  • gender
  • nationality
  • telephone numbers (home, work and/or mobile)
  • email address
  • home address and details of when they are at home
  • work address and details of when they are at work
  • the name of their employer
  • social media user accounts (Facebook and Twitter, for example)
  • marital status
  • spouse/partner name and date of birth
  • passport number
  • date of arrival and type of visa held
  • a physical description of the person
  • any character issues such as criminal background or history of violence
  • details of the person's vehicle (registration number, make, model and colour).

If your report relates to a business, you must supply:

  • business name
  • the reason you suspect the business is involved in unlawful activity.

Optional: If you have the details, you may also choose to supply the business’:

  • phone number/s
  • street address
  • email and website addresses
  • social media user accounts (Facebook and Twitter for example)
  • the name of the business owner
  • any other known registered or trading business names.

If your report relates to a vehicle, vessel or aircraft, you must supply:

  • identifying details, such as a commercial flight number, a registration number, or a ship name
  • the reason why the vehicle, vessel or aircraft is of concern.

Optional: If you have the details, you may also choose to supply:

  • the craft's origin, destination or current location, as well as its travel path
  • the owner of the craft or details of people on board
  • a physical description that would allow it to be identified.

If your report relates to mail, cargo or a prohibited importation or exportation you must supply:

  • an unique identifier, such as a container number or airway bill number
  • the reason why the item is of concern.

Before you make a report

You can choose to make a report anonymously.

Read our information protection statement for more information about what we do with the information you provide, including your personal details if you choose to provide them. If you have any concerns about being identified please consider submitting your report anonymously.

Before you make a report, make sure you have all the information you need.

How to make a report

To make a report, you can complete the Border Watch reporting form. You can chose to remain anonymous.

If you cannot submit your report online, you can also make a report over the phone or by post or fax.

Border Watch reporting form

1800 009 623 (in Australia)
If English is not your preferred language, we can arrange an interpreter to help you.

Border Watch
Department of Home Affairs 
GPO Box 241
Victoria 3001

Fax: 1800 009 849

After you make a report

We take all reports of suspicious activity seriously. All reports we receive are acted on. For privacy reasons, no information can be provided to you on the progress or outcome of our investigations.

There is no need to send us further copies of the same information. If you have new or additional information, please submit a new report and reference the previous information you provided.