Information Protection Statement

​​​​​​Border Watch - Information Protection Statement

We operate in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), the Australian Privacy Principles outlined in Schedule 1 of that Act and our Privacy Policy to ensure your personal information is managed appropriately at all times.

You can provide information to Border Watch anonymously through our r​eporting form. All information reported to Border Watch is treated confidentially and managed securely. Border Watch will not maintain records of metadata (such as IP Addresses) associated with your report.

You can also provide information to Border Watch through our 1800 009 623 number. If you choose to report by phone number we may collect your personal data including the number you are calling from. You can provide information to Border Watch anonymously through our reporting form.​

From time to time we may be authorised to provide information received through the Border Watch program to another agency, including for law enforcement purposes.

Please note we may contact you for further information if you have provided your details, however Border Watch will never contact you to request payment or ask for further personal details such as banking or Medicare details.

For privacy reasons, no information can be provided to you on the progress or outcome of your report.

Please be aware that intentionally providing false or misleading information to Border Watch is a serious offence.

Your information is of paramount importance to us. We thank you for your participation in the Border Watch program.

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