People with special circumstances

We understand that some people​ may have special circumstances.

To ensure all people​ are shown respect and dignity throughout the screening process, airports can use other screening methods, where appropriate.

Under Australia’s aviation security legislation, you are unable to choose how you are screened at Australian airports. Before you begin the screening process, if you need help or if you have a prosthetic, medical device or medical equipment, tell the screening officer.

To find out more about the screening process, see Security​ screening at airports.

If you have any questions or are uncomfortable at any time throughout the screening process, speak with the on-duty screening supervisor. You can also give feedback about your experience by directly contacting the airport. 

Medicines, medical devices/equipment, mobility aids, prosthetics


Travellers who are deaf or hard of hearing


Travellers who are blind or have low vision



Assistance animals



Cultural or religious requirements



Transgender passengers


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