Australian Transnational, Serious and Organised Crime Committee (ATSOCC)

In 2018, the former Council of Australian Governments (COAG) endorsed the National Strategy to Fight Transnational, Serious and Organised Crime (the National Strategy) and established the ATSOCC to drive implementation and monitoring of the National Strategy.

The ATSOCC's mission is to:

  • oversee the implementation and monitoring of the National Strategy
  • build on understandings of current and emerging transnational, serious and organised crime (TSOC) threats and enablers on a national and international level, drawing on existing threat assessments
  • ​provide strategic and policy advice to government ministers on national priorities to combat TSOC
  • provide a forum that maintains and enhances inter-jurisdictional cooperation and collaboration across all levels of government to identify, develop and progress opportunities to implement a multi-faceted and holistic approach to combatting TSOC using all available tools
  • enhance capability to combat TSOC at a national level and within each state and territory.


Membership of the ATSOCC comprises a senior official (Deputy Agency Head equivalent) from each Australian policing, and Justice or Attorneys-General agency; New Zealand Police; New Zealand Ministry of Justice; the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre; the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission; the Office of National Intelligence; the Australian Border Force; and the Department of Home Affairs. The ATSOCC is Co-chaired by the Deputy Commissioner Investigations, Australian Federal Police and a jurisdictional ATSOCC member on a one year, rotational basis.

The Commonwealth TSOC Centre in the Department of Home Affairs supports the ATSOCC by providing the secretariat function and works closely with ATSOCC members to shape the strategic direction and delivery of the ATSOCC’s work program.

The ATSOCC is accountable to relevant Commonwealth, state and territory ministers, either directly (where appropriate) or through relevant national ministerial fora.

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