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National security

Transnational, serious and organised crime

​​ Transnational, serious and organised crime ​(TSOC)​ is a threat to Australia’s national security:

  • It systematically targets Australia and Australians for profit without any regard for the harm caused
  • It threatens the:
    • safety, security and trust of our citizens
    • prosperity of our businesses and economy
    • integrity of our institutions
    • our Australian way of life
  • It undermines our sovereignty by:
    • breaching our borders (illicit commodities)
    • undermining our institutions of government (fraud and corruption)
    • abusing our tax and financial system (serious financial crime, money laundering)

TSOC is sophisticated, resilient and exploits political, economic, legal, technological and social changes in the world. It adapts and diversifies across many crime types.

National Strategy to Fight Transnational, Serious and Organised Crime

The Council of Australian Governments agreed to the National Strategy to Fight Transnational, Serious and Organised Crime on 12 December 2018.

The National Strategy provides the framework for governments, the private sector, civil society organisations, academia and the community to work together to secure Australia’s national interests in combatting TSOC.

The National Strategy outlines four pillars that will strategically guide national efforts to fight TSOC, and inform existing and future crime-specific action plans:

  • Integrated: using all available tools to fight TSOC
  • United: working effectively across all sectors
  • Capable: strengthening our national capability
  • Evolving: being agile and ahead of the changing threat
The governance body overseeing the implementation of the National Strategy is the Australian Transnational Serious and Organised Crime Committe (ATSOCC)​.