​​​To help you prepare for your journey and clear security checks at airports quickly and easily, we provide you with a range of advice and tips. 

People and bags entering the secure area of an Australian airport are screened to reduce the risk of a security incident occurring. Security checks may sometimes seem inconvenient, but they are in place to protect us and to keep us secure and safe.

We encourage you to gain an understanding of the screening processes at an airport. This will help make your passage through security screening as fast and efficient as possible.​

Travel ​tips

  • Carefully pack your bags at home and carry only essential items in carry-on baggage.
  • Cooperate with the requests and directions of security screening officers, and airport and airline officials.
  • Do not make jokes about bombs, firearms or other weapons.
  • Do not behave in an aggressive or threatening manner.
  • Do not leave your bags unattended.
  • Speak to your airline or airport security staff if you see anything suspicious.

Contact details

If you have a travel enquiry or wish to give feedback, see who you can contact.

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