Quad Cyber Challenge

Quad Cyber Challenge

The Hon Clare O’Neil MP: Today is the start of the Quad Cyber Challenge - an exciting new initiative to strengthen cyber security awareness and action.


Australia, together with its Quad partners the United States, India, and Japan, launched the Challenge to promote responsible cyber habits across the four Quad countries, the Indo-Pacific and beyond.


The Challenge is all about making real and lasting changes to people’s behaviour so that cyber security becomes something that everybody is aware of when they use connected devices. We want to normalise cyber security - like putting on a seatbelt when you’re in a car.


The Challenge provides basic cybersecurity information, resources and training across the community – from corporations, to educational institutions, to small businesses, families and individuals. 


Cybercrime costs billions of dollars every year. Collectively – across our communities, Australia, the Quad and globally – we want to make cyberspace a safer space.


The Challenge will run from 10-14 April. We want people to take the simple steps to protect their devices; learn to avoid common scams; build cyber awareness; and consider taking a course or pursuing a career in cyber security.


The Quad is leading initiatives that collectively address cyber and technology-related challenges.


Everybody knows the risks of being hacked – it’s happened to a lot of us - but many aren’t of us aren’t taking the simple steps to prevent them. That’s why we want millions of people around the world to learn more by taking the Challenge and committing to safe and secure online practices.


To sign up to the Challenge head to cyberchallenge.tech.

​​The Quad Cyber Challenge is an initiative of the Quad Senior Cyber Group, reflecting continuing efforts to strengthen individuals’ and communities’ cyber security awareness and action, as well as to foster a more secure and resilient cyber ecosystem across Quad member countries.​

The Quad Cyber Challenge’s aim is for participants to:

  • Take steps to protect their devices. 
  • Learn to avoid online scams. 
  • Build awareness about cyber security risks, and easily implementable mitigation measures. 
  • Consider taking a cybersecurity-focused course. 

Take​ the ​ Quad Cyber Challenge​ today!​​

Read the Quad j​oint statement​.​​​​

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