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Our employees work in a range of interesting subject areas influenced by international and domestic developments.

The Employment Suitability Clearance (ESC) is a rigorous pre-employment character and integrity suitability screening process undertaken by us.

The ESC process can be intrusive in nature and could include (but is not limited to) detailed background, character, employment, police and financial checks. During the ESC process, you will be required to declare your:

  • current and past drug use
  • criminal/high risk associations
  • conflicts of interest
  • business interests
  • criminal history and involvement in criminal/illegal activities
  • non-compliance with border-related laws
  • workplace disciplinary history

You will need to read and understand the:

You will be required to complete the following documents:

Employment Suitability Self-Assessment

Before applying for a career with us, we encourage you to complete the Employment Suitability Self-Assessment.

Maintaining your ESC

An ESC is a 'point in time' assessment of your suitability to work with us. It is therefore a mandatory condition that if you hold an ESC (as well as a Commonwealth security clearance) that you promptly report:

  • changes in your personal circumstances
  • information that could be relevant to an assessment of your ongoing suitability for either clearance

Examples of Declarable Circumstances you must report include:

  • changes to your name or identity
  • changes to your contact details (such as your address)
  • changes to your living circumstances (such as other people over 18 residing with you)
  • associations with criminals or other high risk individuals (such as members of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs),
  • involvement in or association with criminal activity

A comprehensive list of all Declarable Circumstances is available.

You will be required to complete the following documents: