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Reform of Australia’s electronic surveillance framework discussion paper


The Australian Government has committed to reform Australia’s laws governing electronic surveillance. For more information see Electronic Surveillance Reform.

As the first step in public consultation, the Government has released the Reform of Australia’s electronic surveillance framework discussion paper. The discussion paper seeks early views from interested stakeholders and members of the public to inform the development of a new framework. The paper provides an overview of how the Government proposes to reform Australia’s electronic surveillance legislative framework. Submissions will help the Government develop draft legislation that is informed by affected stakeholder and public interests, expectations and requirements.

Request for public submissions

The Department of Home Affairs welcomes submissions in response to the Reform of Australia’s electronic surveillance framework discussion paper. Your submission can respond to all 37 questions in the discussion paper, or to select questions. Your submission can also provide additional information or make suggestions relevant to matters in the discussion paper.

The closing date for submissions to the discussion paper is 5.00pm AEDT on 11 February 2022.

Online submissions​​

Hardcopy submissions

Post to:

Electronic Surveillance Reform Branch
Department of Home Affairs
PO Box 25


Hardcopy submissions received by post will not be published on our website. If you use the online submission form, we may publish your submission. We may include your name, unless you request that your submission remain anonymous or confidential, or we consider that it should not be made public, for any reason. Do not include the personal information of any third parties. Any personal information included will be redacted. We may redact parts of published submissions as appropriate, including where submissions contain defamatory, offensive, inappropriate or sensitive material. For further information, see our privacy policy.

Consultation timing

Feedback on the discussion paper will be used to inform the drafting of the new electronic surveillance legislation. This will be followed by open and iterative stakeholder consultation throughout development of the reforms.

The Government intends to release an exposure draft of the proposed electronic surveillance legislation (and supporting materials) for public comment in late 2022. Stakeholders will have the opportunity to provide detailed views on the draft bill. The feedback received through consultations will inform the finalisation of the bill in 2023.​​

​Further information

For further information or assistance, please contact: ​electronicsurveillancereforms@homeaffairs.gov.au