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Next Steps to improve Australia’s settlement and integration of refugees

​​​​​​​​​​​The Department has r​​ecently released a discussion paper Next steps to improve Australia’s settlement and integration of refugees for community response.​​​​​

Australia has​​ a long history of welcoming refugees and other humanitarian entrants, and Australians are rightfully proud of our multicultural society.

Our settlement and integration services are internationally recognised for their generosity and expertise and have supported hundreds of thousands of refugees to make new lives in Australia. Most recently, these services have shown outstanding capability and commitment as they delivered support to those in need through both the COVID-19 crisis and the Afghan evacuation.

As we look to the next 5-10 years, the Department wants to hear your thoughts on how we can ensure Australia continues to improve its delivery of world leading settlement and integration services. The insights and questions in the discussion paper draw upon stakeholder feedback we have received over the past two years as well as available data and research. The discussion paper includes questions to guide your feedback on how to improve settlement and integration outcomes for refugees and humanitarian entrants by building upon the strengths of the existing model, a​​nd addressing any challenges.

We ask for responses to the discussion paper by 27 May 2022. Feedback, or any questions, including requests to submit responses after the nominated submission date can be sent to ​CG.Migrant.Services@homeaffairs.gov.au