Australia's 2024–25 permanent Migration Program

​Australia's permanent Migration Program (Migration Program) aims to balance a range of economic, social and demographic objectives and priorities, while focusing on Australia’s longer-term national interests. The Department invited public submissions to inform the planning of Australia’s Migration Program for 2024–25. Public submissions have now closed. The Department sought views on the following questions:​

  1. What is the ideal size and composition of the 2024−25 permanent Migration Program and why?
  2. How can migration policy settings better support social cohesion outc​omes in Australia?
  3. How can migration policy settings support Australia’s ongoing economic prosperity and fairness?
  4. How should we factor in the impact and opportunities of migration on Australian communities, including in terms of access to services such as health, education, housing and infrastructure?

​To assist with submissions, the Department published the Planning Australia’s 2024–​25 permanent Migration Program Discussion Paper​.


Stakeholders were also referred to the following information​:

Providing a submission to the 2024–​25 Migration Program

Submissions to inform the 2024–25 Migration Program have now closed.

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