Other pathways for Ukrainian nationals in Australia

​​​​​Ukrainian nationals who have arrived on a temporary visa and are unable to access standard visa pathways, or cannot return to Ukraine, are not limited to one visa pathway. 

Protection visa (subclass 866)

Ukrainians and their family members who fear harm if they were to return to Ukraine can apply for a Protection visa (subclass 866).

The Protection visa is a permanent visa that, if granted, lets the holder stay in Australia indefinitely. Persons who apply while they hold a substantive visa are eligible to be granted a Bridging (subclass 010) visa A (BVA) while their application is assessed.

Protection visa applicants holding a BVA will have work rights in Australia, are eligible to enrol in Medicare, can access public schooling for children, and are eligible for free translating and interpreting services.

Bridging visa E (subclass 050)

Ukrainians and their family members who are unable to access any visa options and become unlawful in Australia, and cannot return to Ukraine, can apply for a Bridging visa E (subclass 050) (BVE).

A BVE is a short term bridging visa that allows eligible individuals to stay in Australia lawfully while they resolve their immigration status by obtaining a substantive visa or making arrangements to depart Australia.

In order to apply for a BVE, a person must not hold any other visa (i.e. they become an unlawful non-citizen) or already hold a BVE. There is no application fee.

Ukrainian nationals on a BVE will have full work rights, can enrol in Medicare and are eligible for free Translating and Interpreting Services. BVE holders may also be able get assistance to return home if they wish to do so voluntarily, depending on the individual’s circumstances. ​​​

It is the responsibility of the individual to maintain their lawful status in Australia by continuing to hold a valid visa and find out what they need to do if their visa is expiring or has expired

Ukrainians and their family members who meet the requirements for a departure BVE may remain in Australia lawfully as the holder of a BVE until they are able to make arrangements to depart Australia.

The BVE ceases if the holder departs Australia. This bridging visa does not provide a right of re-entry to Australia.

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