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​​​​Ministerial Council for Police and Emergency Management

In 2017, the Council of Australian Governments decided to replace the Law, Crime and Community Safety Council ​(LCCSC) with separate councils for Ministers for Police and Emergency Management and Attorneys-General. The Ministerial Council for Policy and Emergency Management (MCPEM) and Council of Attorneys-General (CAG) were subsequently established.


MCPEM consists of Ministers for Police and Emergency Management from the Commonwealth, each State and Territory, New Zealand, and the President of the Australian Local Government Association. The Council will meet up to twice per year.

Scope of the responsibility

MCPEM focusses on the broad themes of law enforcement reform and emergency management and increased collaboration across these themes.

Joint meetings with the Council of Attorneys-General

MCPEM will convene a joint meeting with the Council of Attorneys-General, in conjunction with a regular MCPEM meeting, at least annually or as required to consider issues of relevance to both councils.