Access to information

Before making your access request

Check you have the right department

We may not be holding the information you need. Check the websites of other departments or agencies to see if the information you need is held by them.

Check ImmiAccount or VEVO

The information you need may be available in VEVO or your ImmiAccount.

Travel records (movement records)

If you want specific dates of your travel in and out of Australia (movement records) or of someone else, with their consent, you can find information on how to apply here Requesting travel records.

If you are requesting movement records for deceased persons or in circumstances where you do not have the record holder’s consent, you can submit an access request by completing an Access request form.

Check your own records

Check to see if you or your migration agent already hold the documents or information you need. 

Check our data page

The Department is piloting a new process for requesting data or statistics. As part of this pilot, you will find released documents containing data and statistics published on our data request page.

Check our disclosure log

We publish a wide range of non-personal documents, including reports, briefings, submissions and statistics in our disclosure log.

Requests to amend information 

If you are making a freedom of information request to amend information, check if this should be done another way. 

If these options do not apply, submit an amendment request by completing an Access request form.

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