Making a complaint

Detainees and community members are able to lodge a complaint or provide feedback about any aspect of immigration detention. Information about how to make a complaint is provided in multiple languages. All complaints are actively managed with the intent of resolving the issues raised by the complainant, where ever possible. If a detainee or any other person wishes to make a written complaint about any aspect of Australian immigration detention they can contact the Global Feedback Unit, or if they are currently in immigration detention, access the complaints management process at their particular facility.

When a complaint is received, it is acknowledged within two days, registered and assigned to either Australian Border Force or to the responsible service provider—Serco or International Health and Medical Services—who will consider it and investigate the issues raised by:

  • gathering information and evidence—including speaking with the complainant as appropriate
  • keeping the complainant, and other relevant stakeholders informed throughout the process
  • responding to the complainant within 15 days to inform them about the action that is being taken
  • writing to the complainant at the end of the investigation, outlining the findings and the resolution.

When the investigation of the complaint takes a long time, the investigating organisation will keep the complainant informed on a regular basis.

At the end of the investigation, the organisation will write to the complainant outlining the findings and resolution to the issues raised.

If the complainant is unhappy about the outcome of the investigation, they can have the matter reviewed by an external oversight organisation such as the Commonwealth Ombudsman or the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Detainees and community members can also make a complaint directly to the Commonwealth Ombudsman, the Australian Human Rights Commission and the police.

A detainee can also make a complaint directly to International Health and Medical Services about their health care in Australian immigration detention.

Detainee complaint and feedback boxes