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Countering extremism and terrorism

Countering violent extremism (CVE) intervention programs

State and territory-led intervention programs have been established or are under development across Australia to identify radicalised and at-risk individuals, and provide tailored services to address the root causes of their radicalisation. The Australian Government is providing coordination support and funding to state and territory governments to help them implement their programs.

The intervention programs involve developing individually tailored case management plans to connect at-risk individuals with services such as mentoring and coaching, counselling, education and employment support. The radicalisation to violence process is unique to each person, so responses need to be flexible and meet the individual's needs.

It is important that anyone who is in danger of becoming radicalised is diverted on to a different path as early as possible before they harm themselves or others. The people who are most likely to be able to get through to someone at risk will be people they trust—parents, friends, teachers or community leaders.

We encourage families, friends and communities who see changes in an individual that suggest they may be radicalising or thinking about travelling to participate in a foreign conflict to contact local authorities to seek further help and advice.