Australian Government Civil Maritime Security Strategy

​​​​​​​​​​On 6 April 2022, the Australian Government released the Australian Government Civil Maritime Security Strategy​(the Strategy).


This Strategy sets the Australian Government’s civil maritime security policy direction. It provides the framework to deliver a whole-of-government approach for strong, integrated and adaptive national civil maritime security.

Robust civil maritime security is needed to advance and protect our interests, while actively managing non-military risks to Australia. It ensures Australia’s ongoing ability to exercise sovereign rights and obligations across all activities that impact our maritime domain.

Our strategic interests comprise:

  • a secure Australia
  • stable and favourable ​​global order and maritime environment
  • a prosperous and healthy maritime nation
  • united civil maritime security.

The civil maritime security settings of the Strategy identify and address challenges and opportunities that could affect components of Australia’s cultural and social identity, heritage and ocean environment. This includes an impact on our economy through trade, tourism, critical infrastructure and other resources.

The Strategy aims to deliver the following strategic objectives:

  • Uphold Australia’s sovereignty, freedom of navigation and maritime trade.
  • Protect Australia’s maritime infrastructure.
  • Protect Australia’s natural maritime resources.
  • Protect users of Australia’s maritime domain.
  • Support the rules-based order in accordance with international law.
  • Strengthen relationships within the region.
  • Manage a whole-of-government approach to civil maritime security.

The Department of Home Affairs is the lead agency for implementation of the Strategy.

Enquiries about the Australian Government Civil Maritime Security Strategy are welcome at AGCMSS@homeaffairs.gov.au or media@homeaffairs.gov.au.


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