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Cyber security

Cyber security is important for Australia's national security, innovation, and prosperity.

Cyber security strategy

On 21 April 2016 the Government launched Australia's Cyber Security Strategy, developed over 18 months of consultation with 190 organisations.

It is based on five key themes:

  1. A national cyber partnership between government, researchers and business including regular meetings to strengthen leadership and tackle emerging issues.
  2. Stronger cyber defences to better detect, deter and respond to threats and anticipate risks.
  3. Global responsibility and influence to champion a secure, open and free internet while building capacity to crack down on cyber criminals and shut safe havens for cybercrime.
  4. Growth and innovation to support the Australian cyber security sector to grow and prosper, and ensuring all Australian businesses can operate securely online.
  5. A cyber smart nation to grow a highly skilled cyber security workforce and ensure all Australian are aware of the risks and benefits of being online.

Learn more about our strategy for strong cyber security, innovation, growth and prosperity at Australia's Cyber Security Strategy.