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​​​​Survey of recent migrants to Australia

The Department of Home Affairs invites you to take part in the survey of recent migrants to Australia.

This is the first 'introductory' survey, with the follow-up survey to take place in 12 months, and the final survey 12 months after that.

The survey will provide up‑to‑date information about migrants who have recently arrived in Australia, or who were recently granted a permanent or provisional visa.

In the survey we ask your:

  • reason for coming to Australia
  • experience of working in Australia
  • education in Australia and overseas
  • level of English ability

We will use the results of the survey to determine how effective the Australian Government's current policies are. The results will also help us understand how well new migrants are settling into Australia and the types of issues new migrants experience.

Understanding these factors helps us to best manage Australia's Migration Program and to best provide settlement services for migrants.

We survey participating migrants on 3 occasions to capture changes in their labour market status and measure how they have settled into Australian life.

Since 2013, the Social Research Centre has been conducting the survey on our behalf. 

To complete the introductory survey, select 'Start the survey' below.

It will take you to a secure external website to enter the Login code provided in a letter or email we sent to you.

Start the survey

More information about the survey and responses to frequently asked questions are available on the Social Research Centre website.

For detailed information about the survey as well as reports based on the results from previous surveys see, Continuous Survey of Australia's Migrants.