Student visa – school sector

The maximum period for a Student visa in the school sector is five years with the exception of primary school aged students where a maximum of two years will apply.

The shorter grant period for primary school students will act as an important safeguard for younger and more vulnerable students.

In circumstances where a student packages primary and high school study, a visa can still be granted for up to five years, providing that the primary school component of the package does not exceed two years.

    Students must be the right age for their school course. To be granted a visa for school studies, the student must be:
  • at least 6 years of age at time of application
  • younger than 17 years of age when starting year 9
  • younger than 18 years of age when starting year 10
  • younger than 19 years of age when starting year 11
  • younger than 20 years of age when starting year 12.

A child younger than six years of age can study for up to three months on a Visitor visa (subclass 600).