Significant Investor stream

Provide the documents in this section only if you are applying for this visa under the Significant Investor stream.

  • provide a signed Form 1412 - Deed of Acknowledgement, Undertaking and Release (33KB PDF).

Assets proposed to be used to make complying investments

Provide evidence that the assets proposed to be used to make the complying investment are unencumbered and lawfully acquired.

  • a Statement of Assets and Liabilities Position (SALP) Form 1139a completed as at a date that is within three months preceding the lodgement of your application
    • Form 1139A - Statement of Assets and Liabilities Position (SALP) (68KB PDF).
  • evidence of ownership and value of assets - (minimum AUD5 million) - proposed to be used to make the complying investments. You must include evidence of liabilities (if any) against each asset (for example mortgages, loans including unsecured and third party loans, credit cards). Evidence must be provided for each asset / liability recorded in the SALP. Each document must be clearly labelled identifying the asset / liability and cross-referencing it to the SALP
  • for cash assets, provide bank statements or certificate of deposits for the date nominated on your SALP
  • for real estate assets, for the dates nominated on your SALP, provide:
    • evidence of ownership (title deeds) ◦evidence of value (valuation certificate by an accredited property valuer)
    • evidence of relevant mortgage.
  • for business loans, for the date nominated on your SALP, provide loan agreements, loan statements indicating amount borrowed and repayment schedule, listed in business balance sheet
  • for ownership of business(es), for the date nominated on your SALP, provide evidence of ownership of the business(es). This may include one or more of the following:
    • evidence of purchase
    • share registers
    • company registers
    • share transfer documents
    • historical company extracts
    • annual returns of directors and shareholders
    • partnership / trust / franchise agreements
    • evidence of value of the business(es). For listed companies, the published annual report. For unlisted companies, financial statements prepared by an independent accountant to international accounting standards or a review report conducted in accordance with ISRE2400 by qualified accountants.
  • for stocks and bonds: stocks trading account statements, stocks or bonds registers, stocks / fixed interest securities / debentures certificates, transfer certificates etc for the date nominated on your SALP
  • for assets held via a trust, provide a copy of the trust deeds
  • a signed declaration on your proposed method of fund transfer to make the complying investments. Please note that you will need to demonstrate with the relevant transfer / bank records that the funds ultimately available to make the complying investments are originated from the assets nominated to make the complying investments. The trail of funds must also be reasonably established with supporting evidence
  • provide an overview of your complying investment intentions in Australia, which must include:
    • an outline of intended investments and/or business activities in Australia
    • a description of the nature of research or study in relevant sectors in Australia with regards to your business intentions if investing directly into an Australian private company.

Source of funds

  • a signed declaration on the “source of funds” of your asset portfolio and that it has been lawfully acquired
  • evidence to substantiate claims made in your source of funds declaration. This may include one or more of the following:
    • for business income: evidence supporting business ownership, performance and profit distribution (e.g. company registration and shareholder records, financial statements, taxation records etc.)
    • for investment income: evidence supporting investment activities and performance (e.g. statements issued by stocks trading company, property purchase and sale contracts, leases, investment product contracts etc.)
    • for gifted or inherited assets, duly witnessed gift deeds, wills and other evidence demonstrating how the gift provider accumulated such assets
    • for historical accumulation of wealth where official verifiable evidence is no longer available, bank records demonstrating continuous ownership of funds over a substantial period may assist
    • for assets held in Australia, evidence to link the assets to the declared sources will also be required. Complying investments Note: You will be advised when you are required to make the complying investments and when this evidence is required. The complying investment must be made on or after you have applied for the visa.
  • documents showing the liquidation of assets evidenced in ownership and value of assets and transfer of minimum AUD5 million funds to make the complying investments
  • evidence that you have made the complying significant investments:
    • Form 1413D - Declaration (172KB PDF) in relation to each investment component signed by the responsible fund manager
    • notes on completion of the Form ◦declarations must be dated after the relevant investments have been made
    • if the declaring fund manager does not hold an official position with the responsible entity of the managed fund, a letter issued by the responsible entity authorising the signing of the Form on its behalf will be required
    • for Part B of the Form (Venture Capital and Growth Private Equity (VCPE) Funds) where you have not committed to a particular VCPE fund at the time you submit evidence that you have made the complying significant investment:
      • for funds held in a cash management trust, Part B is to be signed by the manager of the trust; or
      • for funds held in an Australian Authorised Deposit Taking Institution (ADI) (refer to the APRA website for a list of ADIs), an account statement confirming the funds have been deposited and a declaration signed by you confirming that the funds will be used for investing in VCPE funds.