Applying for a visa yourself

There is a variety of information and services available on the departmental website.

Departmental resources available to you

  • Application forms that you will need to lodge a visa application are available at no cost. Many application forms include an application checklist, which list the required documents to include with your application.
    See: Application Forms
  • Many applications can be lodged online.
    See: Online services
  • The Visa Wizard can help you find the Australian visa most likely to meet your specific circumstances. Please note that the Visa Wizard does not list every type of visa.
    See: Find a visa
  • Information Booklets designed to help you understand what is required for migration, and how to complete and lodge application forms.
    See: Information Booklets
  • Departmental staff can assist you. You can also telephone or visit the department and staff can explain what is required in your application. At some overseas locations, you may be able to contact a Service Delivery Partner to seek information on how to lodge a visa application.
    See: Contact Us​ - Help and support