You can copy information from LEGENDcom at any time. Instructions and important information about copying text from LEGENDcom is available on this page.

Copying and pasting text

Text can be copied from LEGENDcom as a whole webpage or as selected text within a page or popup, to programs such as word documents and emails. Text copied from LEGENDcom will keep most of its formatting as it appears in LEGENDcom when pasted into a word document.

Some documents are broken down into multiple webpages. To copy the entire document, copy and paste each webpage of the document separately before repeating the process to copy the next page.

Note: Blue jump links and highlighted popups links are also retained when copied and pasted, although they will not work outside LEGENDcom. If you want to remove the underline and colouring from your copied text, select the whole text (Ctrl + A) then use the normal word formatting functions to undo the colour and underline.

Copying a selection of text, whole webpage or popup

  1. Locate and select the document that you want to copy from.
  2. Select the webpage that you want to copy from (if it has more than one webpage).
  3. Highlight the text by placing the curser at the beginning of the text to be copied and holding down the left mouse button, and scrolling over the required text.
    Note: To copy text starting from a jump link, select the space before the link to avoid accidentally clicking on the link which will take you to another page. Do not use the copy all shortcut, ‘Ctrl + A’, as this will not copy the correct format for the text.
  4. Copy the webpage or popup by:
    1. Pressing 'Ctrl + C' at the same time, or
    2. Pressing the right mouse button to get a menu and select 'Copy', or
    3. Select 'Copy' from the internet browsers Edit menu.
      Figure 1 - step 4 right mouse click menu.
  5. Paste into the required location by
    1. Selecting the cursers location for the copied text, then
    2. Pressing 'Ctrl + V' at the same time or
    3. Pressing the right mouse button to get a drop down menu and select 'Paste', or
    4. Selecting 'Paste' from the programs edit menu.
      Figure 2 - step 5 right mouse click menu.