Fees and charges for other services

If you pay for your application by credit card, a surcharge will apply. The current surcharge rates are:

  • American Express — 1.40%
  • Diners Club International — 1.99%
  • JCB — 1.40%
  • Mastercard* — 1.32%
  • PayPal — 1.00%
  • Union Pay — 1.90%
  • Visa* — 1.32%

* The surcharge will also apply to Debit Visa cards and Debit MasterCards when making payments online.

For more payment information see the How to Pay page.

​Assurance of Support

Centrelink have assumed responsibility for the assessment of Assurance of Support (AoS) applications, including bond lodgement.

An AoS covers the principal applicant and other family members included in the application.

For certain migrant visa subclasses, an AoS is a mandatory requirement which must be met prior to visa grant. If you applied for one of these visas, your assurer must also lodge a refundable bond with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Other visa subclasses might have an AoS as a discretionary requirement only. For these visa subclasses, a bond will not be required. More information is available on the Department of Human Services' Assurance of Support page.

AoS Assessments and AoS Period

An AoS bond is held for the duration of the AoS period. If you are applying for a permanent Contributory Parent visa, the AoS period runs for 10 years from:

  • the date you arrived in Australia (if you applied from outside Australia)
  • the date you were granted a permanent visa (if you applied from within Australia).

If you applied for any other visas, the AoS period is two years from:

  • the date you arrived in Australia (if you applied from outside of Australia)
  • the date you were granted a visa (if you applied from within Australia).

Release of bond

Centrelink authorises release of the bond. Release of the bond will depend upon whether the visa holder (the assuree) has claimed any recoverable Centrelink payments during the life of the AoS. After the AoS period has expired, the assurer should ask the nearest Centrelink office to release the bond money (less any claims by Centrelink).

More information about Assurance of Support is available:
Website: www.centrelink.gov.au
Telephone: 132 850

Review of decisions

The following table lists the application charges for appeal against certain Migration Act 1958 decisions. All fees and charges are in Australian dollars.

Type of Review Charge

Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) – migration decision (Part 5-reviewable decision)

Fifty per cent of charges can be waived in cases of severe financial hardship of the review applicant.

Fifty per cent of the charge will be refunded if:

  • the decision is favourable
  • the review application was invalid.
$1 604
Medical review charge
Additional charge at review stage for another opinion by a Medical Officer of the Commonwealth
Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) – refugee decision (Part 7-reviewable decision)No charge
Post- AAT refugee decision fee
Charge is payable by unsuccessful AAT refugee decision (Part 7-reviewable decision) applicants.
Charge will be refunded if:
  • a protection visa is later granted
  • the Minister intervenes under s.417 of the Migration Act.
$1 604

Review by Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

Within the AAT, specialist offices review specific government decisions. From 1 July 2015, departmental decisions can be reviewed in two divisions within the AAT’s:
General Division, which reviews decisions relating to character, citizenship or Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) matters;

Migration and Refugee Division (MRD), which reviews decisions relating to migration and refugee visa refusals and cancellation matters; and

Immigration Assessment Authority, an independent office within the AAT’s MRD, that reviews fast track reviewable decisions relating to certain Protection visa decisions.
More information about the merits review process in the AAT is available on the AAT website: www.aat.gov.au

Related costs

There can related costs to the visa application process respective to each visa. Below are some of those possible costs.

Health requirements​

Permanent, provisional and some temporary visa applicants might need to undertake and pay for a health examinations. This might include radiological and / or medical examinations, as well as pathology tests where requested. All costs are paid by the applicant directly to the doctors or clinics undertaking the examination. The cost of these examinations undertaken in Australia is approximately $300.

Costs of examinations undertaken outside Australia can vary from country to country. There might be additional costs if further tests or couriers are required. We do not regulate such charges but where allegations of excessive charging are made, we may contact the doctor and request that charges be amended in line with prices charged in that country for similar medical examinations.

For people being examined in Australia, there is also a fee payable to Bupa Medical Visa Services for a digital photo of each person examined.

Language requirements​

A language requirement refers to the cost of testing English language ability.

You might be required to undertake the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test to determine your English language ability. The cost of this test is approximately $150 - $400, although this can vary from country to country.

For student visa purposes, there are alternative English language tests. Further information on other specified English language tests is available: Student Visa English Language Requirements

Costs are not paid to us; costs are paid directly to the test centre.

Australian police records check​

The National Police Check form and information about fees and lodgement details can be found on the Australian Federal Police website at National Police Checks.

Freedom of Information

Under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act), we might impose an application fee. You will be advised about this once your application is received by us.

FOI fees and charges vary according to the nature of the service provided.
Note: In some cases fees might be refunded.

The following table shows the indicative fees for FOI service. All fees and charges are in Australian dollars.

Type of Application Charge
Application for access to documents$30
Application for internal review of a decision not to release documents$40
Photocopying, searching etc.Details on request

APEC Business Travel Card costs

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) business travel scheme is for business people to gain streamlined entry to other economies. It contributes to APEC's goal of free and open trade within the Asia-Pacific region.

All charges are in Australian dollars and must be paid at the time of application.

This following table lists the charge for the APEC Business Travel Card.

Service Charge
APEC Business Travel Card (Australian passport holders only)$200

Please see APEC travel card for further information.​