Individuals and Travellers

Document checklists - Visitor visa (subclass 600)

If you are applying online, use the checklists below as a guide to prepare your documents and follow the checklist at the end of the online application form. If you cannot lodge online, visit the website of your nearest immigration office outside Australia or the Department’s local Service Delivery Partner; these sites will have instructions for lodging paper applications and any specific documents required in your location.

To attach documents to your online application, scan the original of each document – do not scan a photocopy or a certified copy. Any documents that you provide by mail must be certified copies of original documents. Police certificates provided by mail should be original documents. Documents not in English must be accompanied by accredited English translations.

You must provide documents to support your application for this visa. We can make a decision solely on the basis of the information you provide when you lodge your application. It is in your interest to provide as much information as possible with your application.