Individuals and Travellers

Order a replacement ImmiCard

If your ImmiCard is lost or expired you can apply for a replacement ImmiCard.

The expiry date on your ImmiCard is not linked to your visa. Expired ImmiCards can still be used after the expiry date to verify your visa status through the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) system. An expired ImmiCard can also be used to check personal details through the Document Verification Service (DVS).

If you have been issued a Document for Travel to Australia (DFTTA) or a Visa Evidence Card (PLO56), you can also request an ImmiCard to replace your paper document.

The replacement card will always be issued with the same details as the original ImmiCard or previously issued DFTTA or PLO56.

What do I need to order a replacement card?

You can order a replacement ImmiCard using the online form. For current fees see the Fees and Charges page.

When you apply you will need to provide your personal information exactly as it appears on your ImmiCard, DFTTA, PLO56 or visa grant letter.

You must provide your up-to-date address in your application because this is where we will send your ImmiCard. We cannot send your card to a post office box.

You will also need to prove your identity by attaching high resolution colour scans of your original identity documents to your application. If none of the documents you provide has a photograph, you will need to attach a recent photograph of yourself with your application.

I am a visa holder with a Document for Travel to Australia (DFTTA) or visa evidence card (PLO56). What else do I need?

You may be required to provide your biometrics. If so you will be invited to attend an appointment at one of our offices to obtain personal identifiers.

You will need to pay a fee to replace your DFTTA or PLO56 with an ImmiCard. We will advise you how to make a payment once we receive your application. For current fees see the Fees and Charges page.

How do I submit my documents?

Please attach high resolution colour scans of your original documents to your online application.

What if the replacement card is for someone younger than 15?

A parent or guardian will need to apply on behalf of children under the age of 15. If you are the child's parent or guardian you will need to provide evidence of your identity as well as proof of your relationship to the child. For example, you can attach a scan of a Medicare card or other documentation authorising your guardianship or custodianship.

If you do not have such documents, you will need to complete Form 1499 — Declaration of parentage to support ImmiCard application (148KB PDF). You can order a replacement ImmiCard for the child using the online form.

When will my card be delivered?

If you have applied for a replacement ImmiCard, and we notify you that your application is approved, your ImmiCard will arrive by registered post within 14 days. Do not resubmit your application or contact us during this time. If your application is not successful, we will send you an email stating the reason why.

If you are not at home when the ImmiCard is delivered, a collection slip will be left in your mail box. This slip will tell you which post office you can collect your ImmiCard from. To collect your card the post office will ask you to show some identification, such as your Visa Grant Notice or Medicare ​card.​​

Do I have to pay to get a new or replacement ImmiCard?

Anyone who is granted a Humanitarian visa will receive their first ImmiCard free of charge. Unaccompanied Minors are also exempt from any ImmiCard fees.

If you believe the information on your ImmiCard is incorrect and the Department agrees to correct your personal details, a replacement ImmiCard will be issued free of charge.

For any other new or replacement ImmiCard, a fee will usually apply.

For information on current fees and charges see the Fees and Charges page.