Individuals and Travellers

Departures SmartGate

Departures SmartGate is a secure and simple system that automates the checks usually conducted by an Australian Border Force officer, making it the smart way through the airport. Departing passengers can use the departures SmartGate to self-process through passport control at Australia’s major international airports.

Departures SmartGate uses the information in your passport with face recognition technology to identify you and clear you for departure. Departures SmartGate is a simple and quick way for passengers to cross the border.

Who can use departures SmartGate?

Departures SmartGate can process all passengers, regardless of age, nationality. They can process ePassport and non-ePassport (providing it is a machine readable passport), as long as passengers are able to understand and follow the process without assistance.

Travellers that cannot use Departures SmartGate, such as families with babies  will be directed to an Australian Border Force officer for manual processing. See Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

How to use departures SmartGate

To use departures SmartGate:

  • Open your passport to the photo/bio-data page.
  • Place your passport into the scanning device at the departures SmartGate. The scanner will process your passport data then return your passport to you.
  • Select the flight on which you are departing, if prompted by the departures SmartGate.
  • Step into the departures SmartGate and look at the camera. Your face will be compared to your passport image.
  • The gates will open when you have been successfully processed. You must exit with your baggage. If you have not been processed successfully, an Australian Border Force officer will redirect you to a manual processing point.

Why departures SmartGate?

Departures SmartGate is one of the border protection initiatives  introduced by the Australian Government to boost counter-terrorism capabilities at the border. SmartGates use advanced face recognition technology, which enhances border security and the automated departures process to help us to meet the challenges of increasing traveller numbers. About 50 million passengers each year are expected to cross Australia’s borders by the year 2023.

What about my privacy?

All personal data collected using the departures SmartGate (including the photograph) is treated the same way as personal information that is collected at a manual processing point. We take appropriate steps to store personal information securely, prevent unauthorised use and maintain accuracy. We only use or disclose personal information for the purpose for which it was collected or as otherwise required or authorised by Australian law. This includes information required by other law enforcement or border control authorities.

Further information about how we handle your personal information can be found in our privacy policy.