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Reflect on Australian Citizenship Day at school

Host an Australian Citizenship Day event to build on your students' civics and citizenship learning outcomes. To receive promotional products, register your event​​​

Host an Australian citizenship affirmation ceremony at your school

You can hold a special school assembly on Australian Citizenship Day and give your students the opportunity to pledge their commitment to Australia by making the Australian citizenship affirmation.

Your special Australian Citizenship Day assembly could also include:

  • presenting awards to students who are good citizens within the school or local community
  • an inspiring guest speaker from your local community.

Sample school assembly programme

This sample programme can help you prepare to host an Australia citizenship assembly at your school.

  • Welcome to Country or Acknowledgment of Country
  • Address by principal or student
  • Performance by students
  • Guest speaker
  • Presentation of merit awards
  • Australian citizenship affirmation
  • Sing the Australian National Anthem

Teaching resources

Learn about Australian citizenship and what it means for all Australians with curriculum-linked Australian citizenship teaching resources

An Australian citizenship ceremony held at Thornlie Primary School Thornlie Primary School hosted an Australian citizenship ceremony in 2010

Co-host an official Australian citizenship ceremony at your school

A number of schools have joined their local government council to participate in Australian citizenship ceremonies or to host a citizenship ceremony at their school.

Thornlie Primary School has co-hosted several Australian citizenship ceremonies at their school in partnership with Gosnells City Council. They invited Thornlie High School, Thornlie Islamic College and their sister school Singapore West View Primary School to participate. The ceremony is a culmination of their students' civics and citizenship studies.