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Request for Feedback – Adult Migrant English Program future settings


The Australian Government provides free English language tuition through the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) to approximately 50,000 - 60,000 eligible clients each year. The AMEP is Australia’s largest settlement program, and one of the most enduring Australian Government programs, with a history of almost 75 years. English language skills are critical to full social and economic participation in Australian society. With English language skills a person can enjoy better educational and employment opportunities, and build lasting relationships with other members of the Australian community.

The AMEP caters to a diverse range of English learners, from absolute beginner, who may have little experience of formal education, to those who can already communicate in English and are aiming to improve up to a vocational level of English. The AMEP is made up of family (48 per cent), humanitarian (34 per cent) and skilled (18 per cent) visa holders (including those who have since become Australian citizens). AMEP clients have a wide range of settlement and language learning goals, but also have competing priorities, including family and work commitments.

The Australian Government is committed to ensuring the AMEP delivers the best outcomes for its diverse range of clients. The Government has considered stakeholder feedback and will not be proceeding with an outcomes-based payment model for the AMEP. The AMEP Request for Tender has therefore been delayed to Quarter 1 of the 2023-24 financial year, with new contracts scheduled to commence on 1 January 2025. This will allow time to refine and finalise the future settings and ensure that contracts are designed in a way to achieve the best outcomes from the program.

Reviews and consultations

Over recent years there have been various reviews and evaluations of the AMEP that are detailed on the AMEP reform page of the Department of Home Affairs’ (the Department’s) website. In addition, the Department has conducted a number of consultations, including:

  • December 2019: the Department sought feedback on improving the AMEP and received responses from 43 stakeholders, ranging from AMEP service providers, teachers, settlement services and not-for-profit organisations, with a focus on the following areas:
    • student attendance;
    • teaching, curriculum and resources;
    • student outcomes;
    • volunteers; and
    • pathways.
  • August 2020 – April 2021: the Department established the AMEP Advisory Committee, who provided advice on curriculum and assessment, teacher qualifications, online learning and program outcomes
  • May 2021: the Department published the Reform of the Adult Migrant English Program Discussion Paper and received 92 written submissions
  • May – July 2021: the Department held public consultations to discuss a proposed outcomes-based funding model, with over 300 attendees
  • November 2021: the Department published the AMEP consultation and Funding Model Comparison Report
  • December 2021: the Department held further public consultations in December 2021, with over 130 attendees.

Request for feedback

The Department will draw on the feedback received to date through the consultations, reviews and evaluations to develop options for future AMEP settings. The Department is seeking further feedback on elements of the program, and is inviting industry and community stakeholders and other interested parties​​ to respond to a set of guiding questions on the following topics:

  • Optimising flexible delivery
  • Teaching profession
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Child care
  • Information management system
  • Complementing other government programs.

Please use the Request for Feedback – Adult Mig​rant English Program future settings – Submission Form on the Department’s website to submit feedback. Responses are due AEST 5:00pm Monday, 19 December 2022. Late responses may not be considered by the Department. Please contact AMEPdesign@homeaffairs.gov.au if you have any questions about the Request for Feedback- Adult Migrant English Program future settings submission process, or issues with lodging the online form.