What is a nomination?

A nomination is a process which determines:

  • that your occupation is relevant to the position to be filled
  • the skills and experience needed for the position
  • the market salary rate for the position and what you will be paid
  • your name
  • the location where you will be working.

Under the employer sponsored visas a nomination is the process of identifying an occupation in an approved business that will be filled by a skilled worker from outside Australia.

Under the state or territory sponsored visas, you are required to submit an expression of interest in SkillSelect so a state or territory government can nominate you.

Each state and territory government have their own processes for nomination in addition to SkillSelect, we recommend that you contact them directly once you have submitted an expression of interest.

You can be nominated by an Australian employer or a state or territory government depending on the visa you select.

Frequently Asked Questions