When I try to login into SkillSelect I am redirected to the SkillSelect home page. What can I do?

This often results from the previous session of SkillSelect has timed out and not been shut down properly. The following solutions should help:

  • close the SkillSelect page and restart your computer.  Then access SkillSelect by typing Trav/Work/Skil directly into your internet browser
  • allow cookies on your browser.  You can do this by checking the settings in your Internet Options which can be found either in the Tools menu or the Settings menu
  • clear your cache history
  • if your network uses a proxy server to make clients anonymous, try disabling it before signing in or type Trav/Work/Skil directly into the address bar before you sign in (do not use favourites or bookmarks sites)
  • check your internet browser as this issue can result from the use of Internet Explorer versions 7 and 10
  • use a different browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  • use a different device.

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