How will Australian organisations know I have been issued a visa if I do not have a visa label?

Australian organisations are aware that Australia no longer issues visa labels.

Australian visas are granted electronically and linked to your passport. Australian visas can be verified by third parties in a number of different ways (depending on their needs).

With your permission, your visa details and conditions can be checked online by registered Australian organisations using our ​​Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) system.

Some organisations may also check your visa as part of their identity checking requirements. The Document Verification Service (DVS) is a national online system that allows organisations to compare a customer’s identifying information with an existing government record. The DVS uses your passport details to check if you have a current Australian visa and if the details on your passport match current departmental visa records.

We also provide​ your​ visa information to a number of other Australian government agencies to support their eligibility and enrolment processes. For example, the Department of Human Services can access visa information as part of the Medicare enrolment process and the Australian Taxation Office's system checks your visa details when you apply online for a tax file number.

For more information see Electronic visa record.