Why did I get an error message when I used VEVO?

There are many reasons you might get an error message when using VEVO, including:

  • The required fields are incorrect or incomplete; careful attention should be paid not to confuse letters and numbers with similar appearances, such as the letter ‘I’ and the number ‘1’, or ‘O’ and ‘0’.
  • ImmiCard country has not been entered as Australia.
  • The visa holder has:
    • overstayed their visa
    • a passport New Zealand and is not currently in Australia
    • a PLO56 visa evidence card.

The error message you get will depend on the information you entered.

Each error message provides clear instructions on what options are available.

Always check the information you enter before going ahead with your search to make sure the information is correct.

For further information on why you may have received an error message, can be found on the VEVO Help and Support page.

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