I receive a security reference message when trying to access my EOI in SkillSelect. What can I do?

Please note the below error message may appear if your browser is not compatible with SkillSelect.

There was a problem with the specified user account. Please contact your security contact. (Reference : f22a7e81-0e68-45a7-ba0a-f87b11cde24d )

Please try to access your EOI using a different another browser to the one you are currently using, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, and or try to access your EOI by using another device.

If using another browser and device to access your EOI still results in you receiving this security reference message go to the SkillSelect login page and click the 'Forgotten Password link'. This will allow you to reset your password. Note: you will need to be able to answer the security questions you nominated when you created your Expression of Interest (EOI).

When you reset the password, please ensure you meet the following guidelines:

  • Must be of minimum ten (10) characters in length.
  • Must be a combination of at least three of the following categories:
    • Lowercase character: [a – z]
    • Uppercase character: [A – Z]
    • Numeric: [0 – 9]
    • Non-alphanumeric characters: !, #, $, %, *
  • Must NOT contain the following non-alphanumeric characters, as they are unacceptable by the SkillSelect system:
    • Double Quotes (), Single Quote (), Back quote (`), Symbol (@), Ampersand (&), Tilde (~), Colon (:), Semicolon (;), Underscore (_), Equals (=)
  • Must NOT contain the User ID, Given Name or Surname.
  • Must NOT be one of the last twenty (20) previously used passwords.

Note: You should avoid changing the password within forty-eight hours immediately following your last request for change of password.
* The EOI number is the user name. (This user name starts with the letter ‘E’ followed by ten numbers).

This message can also mean that you have entered the wrong password more than five (5) times and locked your EOI. If you are unable to access your EOI, after trying to reset your password and using a different browsers you will no longer have access to your EOI. If you are still interested in skilled migration to Australia, you will need to create a new EOI.

Also, you can create another EOI at any time, regardless of whether you have another EOI currently active in SkillSelect. Each EOI is considered separately and has no association with any other EOI in your name. If you do create a new EOI, please ensure you keep a record of your new EOI number, password as well as responses to your new security questions.

Please note the SkillSelect Technical Support Helpdesk can only provide assistance for technical issues relating to SkillSelect and is not able to reset the password or provide the answers to the security questions that you have set.

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