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​​Migration Advice Industry Advisory Group​​​​​​​​​​

The Assistant Minister for Customs, Community Safety and Multicultural Affairs, the Hon Jason Wood MP, has established a Migration Advice Industry Advisory Group (the Advisory Group).

The Advisory Group provides expert advice to the Australian Government on matters relating to the migration advice industry, including potential reforms to the legislative framework governing the industry. This includes:

  • supporting the Review of Migration Agents Instruments being undertaken by the Department of Home Affairs, including the Migration Act 1958 (the Act), the Migration Agents Regulations 1998 (the Regulations) and associated instruments
  • providing advice on developing a world class migration advice industry including improvements to qualification standards, professional standards and addressing misconduct and unlawful activity
  • shaping the Government’s strategy for engagement with the industry
  • providing fair and frank advice on all other matters related to the efficient functioning and future growth of the industry 

The Advisory Group meetings are conducted via teleconference at the request of the Assistant Minister. Members are not remunerated for their work or attendance at meetings and are required to cover any travel costs incurred. 

Membership remains in effect for a maximum of 12 months or until otherwise notified by the Assistant Minister, or the Department on behalf of the Assistant Minister, in writing. The group incorporates broad representation of the industry, academics, community and the government sector.​​


The Assistant Minister appointed 26 experts to the Advisory Group following a public nomination process, for a maximum term of 12 months:​

  1. Bridget Cullen
  2. Cecil Bass
  3. David Prince
  4. Grace Xie
  5. Helen Duncan
  6. Jackson Taylor
  7. John Hourigan
  8. Liana Allan
  9. Libby Hogarth
  10. Lisa Chanesman
  11. Marianne van Galen Dickie
  12. Mark Glazbrook
  13. Mary Anne Kenny
  14. Mateja Rautner
  15. Megan Arends
  16. Nilesh Nandan
  17. Owen Harris
  18. Peter Papadopoulos
  19. Rashmere Bhatti
  20. Sarah Dale
  21. Teresa Liu
  22. Thanushki Kankanange
  23. Sahan Mawanane Hewa
  24. Sonia Vignjevic
  25. Valerie da Gama Pereira
  26. Viola Ho

Advisory Gro​up Meeting​s

The Advisory Group has met twice to discuss industry reform concepts being examined under the Department of Home Affairs’ review of the legislation that governs the industry. The Department thanks all participants for sharing their expertise with other members of the Advisory Group and the Department. The Department will continue to consult with industry on reform concepts.

A brief outline of each meeting is below. Reform concepts discussed at the meetings did not necessarily reflect Government views or presuppose specific outcomes​.

19 November 2020

Members of the newly established Advisory Group met via videoconference to discuss the concepts of tiering and supervised practice, and key design considerations, should either be introduced. The meeting was hosted by the Hon Jason Wood MP, the Assistant Minister for Customs, Community Safety and Multicultural Affairs. All 26 members of the Advisory Group were in attendance.

18 February 2021

Members of the Advisory Group met via videoconference to share views on the unregistered provision of immigration assistance offshore and the adequacy of the penalty regime for unlawful providers of immigration assistance in Australia. The meeting was hosted by the Hon Jason Wood MP, with 25 members of the Advisory Group in attendance.