Viewing your visa information



Voiceover (Visa information provided by VEVO screen): Once you are in the VEVO system, you can view your visa information.  VEVO will provide all important information about your visa. Let’s look at each item.

Highlight (Visa description field): This is the type of visa granted to you: for example a Visitor, Student, Bridging or Partner visa.

Highlight (Passport / ImmiCard number field): Your passport, travel document or ImmiCard number is linked to your visa.

Where you have provided your permission, organisations registered to use VEVO also use your passport number to check your visa.

If your passport details change, you must tell us. You can lodge a change of passport notification in your ImmiAccount, or with a Form 929 Change of Address and/or Passport details.

Highlight (Visa applicant field): This is the role you played in the visa application. For example, are you the primary applicant or a dependant family member?

Highlight (Visa grant date field): The date you were granted your visa.

Highlight (Location field): Shows whether you are currently in Australia (onshore) or overseas (offshore).

Highlight (Entries allowed field): Provides the number of times you are able to enter and leave Australia on the visa

Highlight (Period of stay field): How long you are able to remain on each (if relevant) entry into Australia.

Highlight (Visa type field): Advises whether you are a Permanent or Temporary visa holder.

Voiceover (Visa conditions): Your visa conditions tell you what you are permitted to do on your visa while in Australia.  For example, if there are any limitations to you studying or working or if you must live in a specific area in Australia

If this field is not provided in your return; you have no restrictions on your visa.

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