How do I print, save or email my visa information from VEVO



Voiceover (VEVO Visa information screen):  When VEVO matches your information to the data recorded in our system; it provides you with your visa details. You can also then choose to: print, save or email your visa details to others to confirm your right to enter remain or work in Australia.

Mouse movement (click View PDF button): You can save or print a PDF copy for your own records.

From your entitlements page click ‘save/print’; you will be given the option to save or open/print the PDF.

Mouse movement (click Email button): You can email your information.

From your entitlements page click ‘send email’; the ‘create email’ screen will then be displayed.

Enter the email address for the person receiving your visa information in the ‘To’ field and enter your email address in the ‘From’ field

  • email addresses must to be correctly formatted, for example:

Your Name will be noted on the form as it appears in our records.

Click ‘Send’ to email your entitlements.

Voice over (visa information screen with success message): You will be returned to the visa entitlements screen and a message advising the email has been successfully sent is provided at the top of the screen.

Check with the recipient to confirm the email has been received.

The VEVO email function is particularly useful for confirming your visa status and entitlements to:

  • foreign governments (if required) to fulfil their visa and/or exit or transit requirements. Foreign governments are not able to register for VEVO.
  • Australian organisations that are yet to registered for VEVO or are in the process of completing the online registration process. 

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