Introduction to VEVO


Voiceover (VEVO information web page): Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) is a free, secure online service that gives you access to your Australian visa entitlements and status information; 24 hours a day.
“VEVO anytime, anywhere”

Voiceover (VEVO for Visa Holders system): VEVO gives you important information about your visa and what you can do while in Australia including:

  • Grant and expiry date (if relevant)
  • How long you can stay
  • How many times you can enter 
  • If you can work or study while

As well as other information about your visa.

Voiceover (VEVO Email PDF): You can email, or allow registered VEVO organisations to access some of your visa details, to confirm you can work or study in Australia.

These organisations will be provided with basic information about your visa.

You can learn how to use VEVO Email in Video 3—How to use VEVO.

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