Electronic visa records and how they work



Voiceover (ImmiAccount screen): You do not need a visa label in your passport to travel to, enter and/or remain in Australia.

The Australian Government has a secure electronic online system known as ImmiAccount.

You can access and manage your visa information electronically using your ImmiAccount.

Voiceover (Visa grant notification letter on screen): Your visa has been given a unique identifying number and this is linked to your passport, travel document or ImmiCard.

As part of checking your visa details online, you must enter your unique identification number, date of birth and your passport details (number and country of issue).

If you get a new passport or travel document, or if you have changed your name, it is important that you notify us. This makes it easier for you when travelling and for checking your visa details.

You may be able to update your details online. Our ImmiAccount Quick Reference Guides can show you how.

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