Immigration risk rating report

Education providers can access their immigration risk rating report through ImmiAccount.

The report

Access to a provider’s immigration risk rating report is by invitation only and is restricted to the PEO listed in PRISMS. This will protect the security of each provider’s commercially sensitive immigration risk data.

A PEO can invite other users within their organisation to create an ImmiAccount and access the immigration risk reports using the Organisation Administration Account (OAA) function. If the PEO does not have this function in ImmiAccount, simply complete a request for access.

To receive an invitation, complete a Technical Support Form.

An education provider’s account will be linked to their CRICOS code. Universities that have more than one CRICOS code will be treated as one entity and receive one report.

An education provider’s immigration risk rating report will contain their student data based on a 12-month period and give an overall immigration risk rating for that time period. Explanatory notes are attached to the report.

We encourage providers to save the PDF reports as the data will only be available for up to 12 months.

Information about the methodology for calculating immigration risk is also available.

How the immigration risk rating is used

Twice a year, a provider’s immigration risk rating will be used to update the combined country and provider immigration risk that is used to guide financial and English evidentiary requirements for student visa applicants.

The immigration risk rating of the provider for the 12-month period (ending 31 December) will be used to determine the provider’s risk rating in the following March. Similarly, the immigration risk rating for the 12-month period (ending 30 June) will determine the provider’s risk in the following September.

Providers’ responsibilities

If the PEO leaves the organisation or their role changes, they must not continue to access the reports.

The PEO must either:

  • update the account to reflect the new PEO (only do this if the new PEO is available to nominate a password), or
  • email to advise us of the change in role / staff and we will remove access. The new PEO will need to request access and we will send them an invitation.
  • Keep contact information in PRISMS up to date.


Providers can access statistical information on international students at Study in Australia – statistics.