Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Business Travel Card (ABTC) advice for foreign applicants

The following information is for foreign applicants who hold or have applied for an ABTC in their home economy. If you have not yet applied for an ABTC, you should contact the agency responsible for the ABTC in your home economy.

Travelling to Australia using your ABTC

When travelling to and entering Australia, you must hold a valid visa.

If you hold a valid ABTC with 'AUS' printed on the reverse side, you do not need to apply for a visa to travel to Australia for business purposes. You must ensure that the passport number printed on your ABTC matches the passport number that you are using to travel. If your passport has changed during the lifetime of your ABTC, please contact your home economy for advice.

If you hold a valid ABTC that does not have 'AUS' printed on the reverse side, contact your home economy to verify if Australia has provided pre-clearance since your card was printed. If your home economy confirms that pre-clearance was granted then you do not need to apply for a visa to travel to Australia for business purposes – the ABTC does not need to have 'AUS' printed on the reverse in this instance.

Australian ABTC fast-track entry and exit lanes are available at major international airports.

If pre-clearance has not been granted then you will need to apply for a visa prior to travel to Australia.

How long you can stay in Australia

Your ABTC allows you to visit Australia for short-stay business purposes for a maximum stay of up to three months (or 90 days) at a time.

Using your ABTC for business and non-business purposes

The ABTC is intended to facilitate travel for short-stay business purposes. This includes:

  • trade and investment activities;
  • investigating, negotiating, signing or reviewing a business contract; or
  • participating in conferences, trade fairs or seminars.

Australia also allows ABTC holders to use their card to travel to Australia for non-business purposes, such as to have a holiday or visit family and friends. Please note that any other accompanying travellers will need to hold a valid visa for entry into Australia.

You may not use your ABTC to work in Australia. Work includes, but is not limited to:

  • paid employment;
  • being remunerated for services to an Australian business or organisation;
  • selling goods or services to the general public; and
  • engaging in a working holiday.

If you intend to work in Australia, you must have a valid visa with work rights. More information about the types of working visas that are available can be found on the Working in Australia page.

Responding to a Request for Further Information

If you have received a request for further information from the Department, your pre-clearance to Australia cannot progress until this information has been received and reviewed by the Department.

You should return the requested information by email to as soon as possible. Ensure that you include your name, ABTC Application Number and passport number in your response.

Change of circumstances

If your circumstances change, including a change to your passport number or employer, you must inform your home economy.

Contacting the Australian ABTC team

If you have a query in relation to your Australian pre-clearance or visiting Australia using an ABTC that is not covered in the above information, you may contact the Australian ABTC Processing Centre by email at Ensure that you include your name, ABTC Application Number and passport number in your email.