Importing weapons - Police certification test

The Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956 (the Regulations) provide a list of goods that are controlled on importation into Australia.

To import certain weapons, prior written permission from the Minister, or authorised person, is required.

Application for permission to import will only be considered when the weapons being imported comply with a legislated test.

One of the tests applicable to certain weapons is the police certification test. This test allows the importation of certain weapons on presentation of either form:

  • B709B Importation of weapons - police  certification, or
  • B709X Ongoing  importation of weapons police confirmation no licence required.

Goods applicable to the test

The police certification test is applicable to the following weapons listed within the Regulations:

  • Daggers
  • Blowpipes and blowpipe darts
  • Nunchakus
  • Crossbows and parts
  • Slingshots and parts
  • Star knives
  • Throwing knives, blades and axes.


Form B709B or B709X tells us that:

  • the police will allow all residents in their jurisdiction to possess the goods listed on the form
  • no license, permission or authorisation is required to possess the goods for residents of their jurisdiction
  • we can release the goods, to the resident, after the applicant has met any other import requirements (such as payment of fees or duty).

Note: Without a B709X or B709B, we cannot release goods and they will be detained and/or seized. 

How to apply for import certification

You must contact your State or Territory Police Firearms/ Weapons Registry to make an application for import certification.

These forms are completed by the relevant officer within the police registry and are serial-numbered, accountable forms.

Before the Police issue a B709B, you might be required to obtain a relevant State or Territory licence; the Police will advise you if this is a requirement. If you are successful in obtaining a B709B, you must present the original to an Australian Border Force (ABF) Collector when the goods are imported into Australia.

If the weapon is not controlled under state or territory legislation then the police will supply a B709X. A copy of the B709X ongoing must be presented to the Australian Border Force when the goods are imported into Australia.

How long does it take to obtain import certification

As time frames vary between the states and territories, your police registry should be able to help. For contact details for State and Territory Police Firearms and Weapons Registry see Firearms and weapons.