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David Wilden: One of the main things I’d like to see in the Industry Summit is a deeper understanding of the issues faced by industry and the opportunity for industry to see the level of commitment we have to them through the engagement not only on the day but going forward.

Alex Menta: Having good, clear, transparent relationships means that we as business know what the government’s expecting from us and conversely the Government needs to understand what we, as commercial operators, what we face and therefore need to be commercially minded with some of their directions.

Tara Cavanagh: The visa business supports some really high growth industries particularly around travel and tourism and the international education sector. I’m really hoping that we will gain some practical and constructive ideas for taking the visa business forward into the 21st century.

Sarah McKinnon: Migrants are very important to the agriculture sector so we need to know where the Department’s coming from and who to call if we need them. It’s really important that the Department work closely with industry when they’re developing their approach to visa policy. We’re the ones who have to work with it and we need to understand it well.

Jack Archer: So the outcomes I’m looking for from the Summit are a better understand of how the Department see’s regional issues and opportunities for migration. So, our partnership and engagement is really important, immigration is crucial to regional futures.

Randall Brugeaud: We don’t work in perfect isolation. We are entirely co-dependent with industry, so we face similar challenges and the more we can work with industry the better outcomes I think we can deliver to our end users.

Ben Somerville: When we work with government in the co-creation of policy which includes the sharing of information often earlier in the supply chain process it can result in a more efficient risk assessment process that keeps our borders secure and at the same time augments the facilitation of legitimate trade.

Alex Menta: From the Industry Summit I would expect that we get some definitive action items that will come. The strategy’s been set over the last couple of years; the introduction of Trusted Trader Programme supports that direction. What I’d really like to see now is some definitive action plans for some quick wins.

David Wilden: We can’t continue to grow our business if you like; the movement of people and goods across our borders, without understanding it to a much deeper sense what industry, what the travel industry, what the education industry, what all industries need from us as the policy makers, the law makers and the regulators.

Jack Archer: Getting the settings right are really important so the relationship the Department has with industry in regions and with regional communities themselves are really fundamental to working out over time whether we’ve got the balance right, whether we’re meeting needs as they change.

David Wilden: If we don’t have a strong relationship with industry we’re really not going to know if our policies are hitting the mark.

Tara Cavanagh: Partnering with industry means we’ll be able to consider high value, practical means to improve the visa business while delivering key objectives for government.

Ben Somerville: The partnership can help the future of our business in that it helps shape the policy within the regulatory environment that we work and that creates win-win scenarios for both government and industry.

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