Firearm Dealers Guide For Category H Articles

Legislative changes came into effect on 13 July 2013 that affect the importation of category H (dealer stock) articles.

See:Explanation of Amendment Regulations


  • Current category H (dealer stock) certificates remain valid until the date of expiry; however, the stock limits no longer apply.
  • For importing category H dealers whose current category H certificate is due for renewal, until amendments are made to the relevant documents, existing form B709G may continue to be used to apply for a new or renewal of a category H (dealer stock) certificate, although there is no requirement to complete the sections relating to stock limits.
  • Non-importing firearm dealers are no longer required to hold a category H (dealer stock) certificate.
  • The existing B709CA form may also continue to be used until the relevant amendments are made to this document; however, form B709F is no longer required under the regulatory amendments.
  • Stock disposals from importing dealers to non-importing dealers that occurred prior to 13 July 2013 must still be recorded on a B709F.

Contact details

All applications for certification should be directed to:

The Director
Restricted Goods Policy
Trade and Customs Branch
Department of Home Affairs
PO Box 25
Belconnen ACT 2616
Fax: 02 6198 7113


More information

Further information on the amendments to Schedule 6 of the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956 is available on the website of the Commonwealth Attorney-General.

The amendment regulations and the explanatory statement can be found on the ComLaw website.