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Teys Australia case study - video


Narrator: Australian Trusted Trader opened on the 1st July 2016, and is one of the most fundamental trade reforms in Australia’s history. All Australian businesses active in the international supply chain are encouraged to apply to the programme, including service providers, importers and exporters such as Teys.

John Langbridge: Teys Australia are a processor of high quality Australian beef, both chilled and frozen. We’re the second biggest beef exporter in Australia. Our main export clients are basically North America, Japan, Korea, China and the E.U.

Teys Australia I think, as in quite a lot of Australian meat business, now are moving to produce high quality products to satisfy consumer demand. We see Trusted Trader as underpinning the integrity of that so that would add to the value of that product, because it adds to the guarantee and it adds to the consumer confidence in that product.

With Trusted Trader, for Teys there was some initial information that came out from the Department. We sort of looked at it and we thought this is a good fit to our business. We believe protecting our supply chain and the integrity of our brands and that of Brand Australia is vital, so we saw being part of Trusted Trader as being a good mix for the business. Becoming part of the trial was both important for us and probably important to get a good outcome for the industry.

Getting into the pilot involved two things, one was an initial desk audit on how we could demonstrate what we currently do. There was some feedback about where Customs thought there were gaps, which we’ve fixed. Then when that was done we went to a side audit where we were required to demonstrate those practices that we had written about.

We believe in a high level of compliance, so we didn’t need to do that much extra to meet the Trusted Trader requirements. So again for probably minimal, I suppose, extra input on our part, we get a pretty good return and then a better guaranteed supply chain.

Teys Australia, we work well with Border Force we’ve got very good facilitatory assistance from Border Force. I think, in terms of total resource cost, it was really all about time and we had enough systems in place already to not require any other external assistance. Teys Australia firmly believes that being in the Trusted Trader programme will give us a competitive advantage, in that it will underpin the brands of our higher quality products, giving consumers confidence and therefore the expectation they would be prepared to pay a premium for that.

Narrator: Australia Trusted Trader will bring economic benefit and growth. It is forecast that the programme would have a net positive impact to industry worth approximately 2.91 billion dollars over the next ten years. By 2020 we aim to have approximately 1000 traders representing 30 per cent of Australia’s two way trade.

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