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Pacific Brands case study - video


Tyrone Tapusoa: Pacific Brands is an underwear and home furnishing company, so the company has a variety of brands inside it, the most well-known ones are Bonds, Jockey, Berlei, Sheridan and the Tontine Group. We have roughly three and a half thousand employees globally. Most of that will be in Australia and New Zealand but we do have offices in China and in the U.K.

We trade with roughly fourteen countries globally; we have 6,500 containers coming into Australia. We use both air and sea freight cargo. We have roughly 140 suppliers globally, so it’s a small supply base and one of the reasons why we would like to hold it small is that being vertically integrated is quite an important part to our business.

The market’s changing quite rapidly, I mean, fast fashion is now a reality. We’ve got some global competitors coming to Australia, so we really need to protect the brands that we own like the Bonds, the Sheridan, the Jockey brands. What’s important is how we work with our suppliers, not just our traditional suppliers but also our partners and our supply chain.

Our strategic priorities, two of them are based on firstly taking Bonds as a brand to the world and the other one is basically around building an efficient and fast global supply chain. So we identified the Trusted Trader programme as an opportunity to enhance that, so by looking at speed and reduction of lead time of the products coming into Australia, it was a natural progression for us to move from the Bonded Warehouse into the Trusted Trader programme.

So now as we look to expand Bonds to the world, it’s now an opportunity to work closely with the Border Force to find out opportunities on how they can support us as we take this Bonds brand to the world.

Narrator: Australian Trusted Trader will bring economic benefit and growth. It is forecast that the programme will have a net positive impact to industry worth 2.91 billion dollars over the next ten years. By 2020 we aim to have approximately 1000 traders representing 30 per cent of Australia’s two way trade.

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