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Applying for Australian Trusted Trader

Registering for your immiAccount

To begin your application process, you will need to register for an immiAccount and obtaining a login. You can use your login details to access your account at any time during the application process.

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Completing the application form

From your ImmiAccount, you will be able to access the new, streamlined application form. You will be asked to provide detailed information about your business, operations, trade compliance and international supply chain security measures as well as the business name, ABN and contact details.

You will need to declare that your business is financially solvent, you have at least two years of trading history, and individuals applying on behalf of a business will be required to acknowledge that they have been granted authority to do so by the business.

You may need to consult across your business, and review commercial records and documentation to gather the required information.

The information submitted in the application form is used to assess if your business meets the requirements of Australian Trusted Trader, as set out in the Customs (Australian Trusted Trader Programme) Rule 2015

Once you have completed the new form, you will be able to finalise and upload it via your ImmiAccount. An Australian Border Force officer will assess your application and contact you to discuss the next steps.

Help to complete the application form

If you need help completing your application form or have any questions during the process, contact the Australian Trusted Trader Help Desk at or 1300 319 024.

Verification through on-site validation

Validation process

An on-site validation will be conducted by your Australian Border Force contact officer to verify the information provided in your application. Your Australian Border Force contact officer will contact you to arrange a time for the validation.

This site visit enables us to see your business’ trade compliance and supply chain security measures in practice. This process should take one day per business premise that is visited. 

The visit will include verification of the following controls:

  • ICT related
  • physical security
  • personnel security
  • selection of third party suppliers. 

Preparing for on-site validation

Your Australian Border Force contact officer will guide you through the on-site validation process. At a minimum, your business should ensure all key personnel whose work relates to your international supply chain activities are available to meet with your Australian Border Force contact officer in person. This will minimise potential delays to your assessment, including the need to re-visit premises.

Entering into an Australian Trusted Trader agreement  

Once your business has been successfully validated, your business may receive an offer to enter into an Australian Trusted Trader agreement and become a Trusted Trader. The agreement is a legally binding contract between the business and the Department of Home Affairs.

The agreement outlines:

  • trade facilitation benefits the business will be entitled to upon entering the agreement
  • ongoing obligations your business will need to meet to be able to access these benefits
  • other clauses related to the administration of the agreement and participation in the programme more generally.

Further information

Email the Australian Trusted Trader team for more information on the programme.

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