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(Australian Trusted Trader)

Voice over: Australian Trusted Trader (or ATT) is a voluntary trade facilitation initiative implemented by the Australian Border Force (ABF). ATT will foster legitimate trade in and out of Australia, while securing the border. ATT is free to join and is open to all Australian businesses active in the international supply chain that meet entry requirements.

(Entry requirements: Australian Business Number, two years of trading history, financially solvent, and the self-assessment questionnaire)

Voice over: ATT is an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) programme. AEO programmes work by accrediting businesses against standards set by the World Customs Organisation. In return, businesses are offered a range of trade facilitation benefits. More than 70 countries have AEO programmes.

(How do businesses become Trusted Traders?)

Voice over: Businesses seeking to become an Australian Trusted Trader undergo a rigorous accreditation process, to ensure that their supply chain security and trade compliance practices meet the required standards.

Being a Trusted Trader sets businesses apart from their competitors, making their businesses more globally competitive.

The benefits awarded to businesses accredited as Trusted Traders provide greater certainty and predictability in international trade activities. These include:

  • a dedicated Account Manager;
  • prioritised service when requesting advice on tariffs, origin and valuation;
  • a lighter touch at the border;
  • use of the ATT logo;
  • faster clearance at export markets through Mutual Recognition Arrangements with Australia’s key trading partner countries; and
  • a unique opportunity to work with the ABF and the Department, to help develop new trade facilitation benefits.

(Future benefits)

Voice over: Future benefits include:

  • the option to defer duty payments, and
  • streamlined reporting arrangements that reduce administrative burden.

Some of Australia’s largest importers and exporters are already involved in the programme including:

  • Teys Australia
  • Techwool Trading
  • IBM
  • Matrix Composites
  • IKEA
  • Pacific Brands, and
  • Target.

By two-thousand and twenty we aim to have one thousand Trusted Traders, representing thirty percent of Australia’s two-way trade volume, and fifty percent of Australia’s two-way trade value.

Over the next decade, ATT is forecast to have a net positive economic impact on Australian industry of $2.91 billion.

Find out more about applying to become a Trusted Trader by visiting

(website –; email –; phone – 1300 319 024; Twitter – follow #AusTrustedTrader)

(Disclaimer: The Australian Trusted Trader programme is delivered by the Australian Border Force, the operational arm of the Department of Home Affairs.)

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